Jenna Little – Associate Paralegal


Jenna Little is a paralegal practitioner with extensive experience litigating provincial offences matters at the Ontario Court of Justice, both at the provincial and appeal levels. She was grandfathered into the Law Society of Ontario in 2008 and became eligible to provide legal services in British Columbia through the Law Society of British Columbia’s sandbox initiative in 2023.

Jenna has focused on defending matters under the Provincial Offences Act since 2004 and has developed an impressive skill set that encompasses various areas of law, including constitutional applications, federal contraventions, and Provincial Offences appeals. With an unwavering attention to detail and strong analytical thinking, Jenna effectively navigates complex legal matters with the goal of achieving favorable outcomes for her clients.




Jenna graduated from Humber College in 2004 with a diploma in Court & Tribunal Agents, from York University in 2008 with a B.A. and the University of Fredericton in 2018 with a MBA. She then completed the Osgoode Certificate in Provincial Offences Court Practice in 2018 and maintains this education annually.